Portable Lighting Systems

We design and manufacture professional lighting solutions such as heliports, airport, obstruction and portable lighting systems.

Portable Lighting Systems

Electromax manufactures LED lights for heliports, helidecks, helipads, airports and obstruction lights. We have been using LEDs for over 20 years in the manufacturing of lighting systems for different ranges of products.

From 2021 we have a new brand name, Signalight for all products we manufacture for heliport lighting systems, airport lighting systems and obstruction lighting systems


For heliports we manufacture INSET lights, ELEVATED lights, FLAT lights, FLOODlights, GUIDANCE systems and CONTROLLERs.

We also manufacture portable airport lighting systems controlled by radio.

The location of our factory is in Romania, in Europe, so we can provide EUR1 certificate, origin certificates. We are in compliance with all European directives.

Most of the time we customize for our clients. We offer professional solutions and technical advice.

  • All our solutions are ICAO compliant or certified
  • We also manufacture products following other aviation standards like STANAG or FAA
  • Our clients can request any alternative standards for their projects
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