We design and manufacture professional lighting solutions such as heliport, airport, obstruction and portable lighting systems.

Product Development

  • Defining product goals and requirements with the customer
  • Starting the product design, following specifications for: industrial, mechanical, thermal and optical design - power supply/driver, controllers, battery calculation, solar panels if required, etc.
  • Providing the customer with 3D models and simulations
  • Providing the customer with prototypes
  • Implementing customer feedback into the product guidelines
  • Obtaining the required certifications
  • Mass production

Custom Manufacturing Services

We can manufacture custom products on demand, starting up from a simple drawing, blueprint or an idea of what the final product should look like. We developed plenty of such projects for many partners including:

  • ORANGE Romania - Obstruction lighting system with alarm
  • DUBAI - The Palm Jumeirah project
  • Complete obstruction lighting system for small and medium airports
  • Lighting system for pedestrian crosswalks